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Make the right decisions at the right time by tracking sales trends, direct costs and inventory levels in one place

See Everything in One View

Access reports and customisable dashboards at the brand and outlet level anywhere, anytime

Menu Engineer

Optimize menus based on margin analysis by viewing popularity against profitability

Data Driven Decisions

Use predictive analytics to improve sales forecasting and optimize inventory procurement


Eliminate hours of work and remove human error by creating reports and dashboards automatically.

Monitor P&L

See real-time P&L at the outlet level for any time period


Pull data from any source, including POS, purchasing and/or CRM. Push data into any accounting system.


See Other Solutions

Add on Purchasing, POS, and Inventory to receive enhanced benefits

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Point of Sale

You have yet to reach your full profit potential.

With an analytics solution, your F&B business can thrive even during the pandemic.