The industry-leading solution purpose built for food businesses.

A complete restaurant management system where POS is only the beginning. With advanced sales and inventory analytics, plus integration with existing solutions your business uses - third party delivery apps to loyalty platforms, and so much more - Resto iQ is your key ingredient to success.


Saved time with automation per month


Less time spent on data collection


Faster insights and reporting


Active locations

Scale your business with our unified POS

Unify your sales channels with a cost-effective POS system. Simplify processes and solve your problems all while accessing real-life data through the cloud.

Reduce food costs with a better inventory system

Gain real-time insights into your inventory levels, reduce customer waiting time, effortlessly monitor item availability, track customer order trends, and leverage up-selling opportunities.

Stay on top of your business operations

Streamline processes by seamlessly integrating third-party platforms, accessing data across multiple devices regardless of online or offline availability, and facilitating remote management.

Take your food business to the next level

Unlock valuable insights by consolidating sales data across various locations, channels, and devices into one user-friendly dashboard.

Scale your business with a unified POS system

Integrate with 3rd Party Delivery

Extend the functionality of your POS system with third-party integrations.

Accept E-payments without the Hassle

Generate QR codes and accept credit cards, e-wallets, and online bank transfers.

Any Time, Any Device

Work smarter on any device, regardless of online or offline availability.

Works with Any Setup

Built for QSR, Table Service, or Cloud Kitchens

Streamline Your Business with an Efficient Inventory and Purchasing System

Auto Deduct Inventory

Input recipes and automate inventory deductions as items are sold through our POS system.

Audit efficiently with real-time insights

Conduct fast and accurate physical stock counts, calculate losses, identify overstocking situations, and gain clarity by accessing centralized reports across all outlets.

Control Costs and Reduce Waste

Monitor real-time cost of goods sold, stay on top of costs, identify recipe adherence issues, and compare sales to inventory to minimize losses.

Know When to Purchase

Accurately forecast inventory and generate purchase orders to send to approved suppliers from the same system.

Harness the power of data to make smarter business decisions.

Menu Engineering

Use sales data and food costs to optimize menus based on popularity and profitability.

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

Automate reports, integrate data from various sources, and consolidate for a unified view. Access customizable dashboards and reports at the brand and outlet level.

Smarter Decision Making

Utilize predictive analysis to enhance sales forecasting and optimize inventory purchasing.

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What our customers say


Yes, Mosaic works on any Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS device.

All smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops that run Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS.

Mosaic’s POS can work offline even though it is cloud based. It will automatically sync when internet connection is reestablished. Meanwhile, transactions are stored locally on the device and POS functionality will not be interrupted

Mosaic can pull data from other POS systems and your business can still benefit from the real-time view of all locations regardless of POS being used.

This depends on your products/add-ons chosen and subscription level. We have videos and articles to walk you through the setup process within the Mosaic Help Center. When included, we also have a dedicated onboarding and implementation support team who can help.

You can access the Mosaic Help Center for tutorials and videos. Live support is also available Monday to Sunday, 7:00am to 12:mn.

Yes, contact your Customer Success Manager to update your plan. In the future, you will be able to upgrade or change your plan online.

You may add additional POS subscriptions to your existing company plan. Data from each new POS will be consolidated in just one analytics platform. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to make changes or additions.

You may pay monthly or annually. If you pay at least 3 months upfront, initial setup and installation fees are waived.

Please contact our account executives to learn about the terms and conditions. Get a Demo here.

Set your business up for success.

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