Uncover actionable insights in a flash.

Our full-suite data intelligence service helps you create your business's single source of truth, unifying data sources accurately and without manual intervention.

Reduce labor costs through automation
Consolidate data into a single source of truth
Real-time access to accurate information
Better understand data with visual dashboards

End-to-End Data Collection

Gain valuable insights, automate POS data transfers and streamline analysis.

Expert Support

Have a dedicated data analyst and engineer working with you to wrangle the data and create reports based on your business objectives.

Ingest Data from Anywhere

Capture data from any platform - your POS, ERP, or even spreadsheets - automatically.

Data Mapped & Validated Before Processing

Instantly validate data before consolidating it on your central database to ensure accuracy.

Publish Data Where You Need It

Visualize your data in real-time dashboards, store it on your cloud servers, or integrate it with your ERP - the choice is yours!

Easy-to-understand Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard updates in real-time so that you can derive timely and actionable insights.

Powerful Dashboard

Do everything in one dashboard. With our advanced analytics, minimize errors, get insights into category performance, and project sales trends by category and location.

Predictive Analytics

With our advanced AI algorithms, you can breakdown monthly sales targets by day based on past performance, forecast future sales, or even predict how much inventory you’ll need to hit your targets.

Segment Your Customers

Using RFM analysis, segment customers based on their buying behavior so you'll always know how to approach them.

Make sense of massive amounts of data with a powerful tool

Our customizable systems reduce costly errors, streamlines processes, consolidates data, and provides revenue-generating insights.

Custom Pricing

For large enterprises trying to wrangle thousands of data points from multiple sources.

Capture and validate data points automatically

Unify data from different platforms

Flexible data storage setups


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