Maximize revenue generation of your space.

Stop revenue leakages by capturing your tenants' complete sales data. Consolidate information from different POS systems without manual intervention.

Reduce labor costs through automation
Consolidate data into a single source of truth
Real-time access to accurate information
Better understand data with visual dashboards

Capture complete POS data without breaking a sweat

Eliminate hours of work, delays, and inaccuracy by automating POS data collection and consolidation.

Stop Revenue Leakage

Calculate rent based on a complete view of your tenant’s sales data.

Optimize Tenant Mix

Make data driven selection of priority categories and tenants that your customers truly want.

Wireless Data Transmission

Eliminate the need for LAN based infrastructure. Collect data and monitor syncing wirelessly.

Compatible with Other POS Systems

We built our software to seamlessly integrate with other systems for maximum flexibility.

Easy-to-understand Dashboard

Effortlessly track performance, automate data collection, and consolidate tenant data from multiple POS systems. With our advanced technology, you can streamline your operations and gain valuable insights to help grow your business.

Automated Reports

Get insights into category performance, and dig deep into sales trends by category and location without having to do the heavy lifting.

Predictive Analytics

Project tenant performance and quickly identify tenants that need additional support to get ahead of potential churn.

Say goodbye to long hours of manual work and hello to complete and accurate view of your tenant’s data.

Our system is able to capture data straight from your tenant’s POS, regardless of their solutions provider. By automating the process, rest easy knowing that you have complete sales data from your tenant. Eliminate up to 80hrs of manual labor to consolidate data by subscribing to Tenant iQ.

Custom Pricing

For shopping mall and food court operators managing hundreds of commercial tenants.

Based on number of tenants

Flexible data storage setups

Consolidated dashboard for multiple locations


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