Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with Android and iOS?

Yes, Mosaic works on any Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS device.

What devices are supported?

All smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops that run Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS.

What happens to POS operations if I lose internet connection?

Mosaic’s POS can work offline even though it is cloud based. It will automatically sync when internet connection is reestablished. Meanwhile, transactions are stored locally on the device and POS functionality will not be interrupted

What if I want to use Mosaic's Inventory, Purchasing, and Analytics features?

Mosaic can pull data from other POS systems and your business can still benefit from the real-time view of all locations regardless of POS being used.

What is the setup process?

This depends on your products/add-ons chosen and subscription level. We have videos and articles to walk you through the setup process within the Mosaic Help Center. When included, we also have a dedicated onboarding and implementation support team who can help.

Do you offer training and support?

You can access the Mosaic Help Center for tutorials and videos. Live support is also available Monday to Sunday, 7:00am to 12:mn.

Can I upgrade or add add-ons at any time?

Yes, contact your Customer Success Manager to update your plan. In the future, you will be able to upgrade or change your plan online.

What if I add a new location or need to add a new POS terminal?

You may add additional POS subscriptions to your existing company plan. Data from each new POS will be consolidated in just one analytics platform. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to make changes or additions.

How are subscriptions payments made?

You may pay monthly or annually. If you pay at least 3 months upfront, initial setup and installation fees are waived.

Is there a contract?

Please contact our account executives to learn about the terms and conditions. Get a Demo here.

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