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Don't let inventory management hold you back from reaching new heights. Embrace our advanced solution and take command of your inventory like a true industry leader. Experience the efficiency, control, and profitability you deserve.

Real-Time Inventory Management​

Increase profits by tracking stock levels in real-time and controlling your food costs.​

Better Inventory Management​

Birds Eye View of Your Inventory​

Monitor your stock at every location and deduct the count as items are sold in real-time.​

Control Your Stock

Combine inventory to make new items, manage stock transfers between locations, and generate audit trails.

Forecast Inventory​

Predict how long your inventory will last based on your sales history and optimize your purchasing frequency.​

Enhanced Inventory Tracking

Cost Control and Profit Optimization​

Keep a Close Eye on Cost of Goods

Track the cost of goods sold in real-time from the branch level up to the company level.

Stop the waste

Compare sales to inventory so you can reduce losses from shrinkage and waste.

Menu Engineering

Optimize menus based on margin analysis by viewing popularity against profitability​.

Solution sets for every business type and size.

Integrated Software Solutions
Inventory for Food Business

Get a real-time view of your stock inventory and food costs. Input your recipes so you can drill down on which ingredient is driving profits up or down. Forecast how long each item will last given your sales history.

Inventory for Retail Business

Track and manage your inventory in real-time and reduce the risk of stockouts through automated inventory management. Look at your inventory and cost of goods on a company level, location level, or even on a per-category level so you can know where you can optimize.

Inventory for Malls and Food Courts

A singular source of truth to track your assets and the depletion of your consumable items. Be able to transfer stocks between locations or warehouses so you can monitor the movements of your inventory.

Inventory for Franchise Owners

Monitor the inventory of each franchisee to help your commissary to better forecast the supplies needed, and alert them when they need to submit an order.

We'll turn your data into revenue.

See how our integrated system allows businesses to scale, remain flexible, and get the most out of their data –- all while providing a unified customer experience.

Master Your Inventory: Unleash the Potential of Restaurant Inventory Management

With the increasing complexity of the restaurant industry in the Philippines, effective inventory management has become essential for maximizing profitability and ensuring smooth operations. Mosaic Solutions' restaurant inventory management system provides a range of features and capabilities designed specifically for the unique needs of restaurants.

We aim to empower restaurant owners and managers with the tools they need to make informed decisions, reduce waste, minimize costs, and improve overall efficiency in their inventory management processes.

What is Restaurant Inventory Management?

What is Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management refers to the efficient tracking and control of ingredients, supplies, and products in a restaurant. It involves closely monitoring stock levels, recording purchases and usage, and ensuring timely restocking. By implementing effective inventory management practices, restaurants can minimize waste, optimize ordering and storage, prevent inventory shortages, and enhance overall operational efficiency and profitability.

Features of Mosaic’s Restaurant Inventory Management

Our comprehensive solution is designed specifically for the unique needs of the food service industry, empowering you to optimize inventory control, streamline procurement processes, and minimize waste. With advanced features and intuitive functionalities, Mosaic Solutions revolutionizes your restaurant inventory management by enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to your customers.

Control Your Stock at Every Location

With Mosaic Solutions, restaurant owners can effectively control and monitor stock levels in real time across multiple locations. This feature gives them accurate and up-to-date information about inventory quantities at each restaurant branch, allowing for better control, planning, and decision-making.

Compare Sales to Inventory

We provide a valuable feature that allows you to compare sales with inventory, aiming to minimize losses that often result from shrinkage and waste. This capability serves as a critical tool for identifying discrepancies and inconsistencies between actual sales and stock levels.

Optimize Menus

Through our advanced margin analysis function, Mosaic Solutions enables restaurants to optimize their menus by comparing each item's popularity against its profitability. It offers an in-depth view of how well each item is received by patrons compared to the profit it generates, striking a balance between consumer preference and financial performance.

Precise Stock Replenishment

Mosaic Solutions' restaurant inventory management system offers an advanced feature that utilizes sales history to predict the duration for which your inventory will last. By analyzing past sales data, the system can generate accurate forecasts, giving you valuable insights into the expected depletion rate of your inventory.

Setting Up Your Restaurant Inventory System.png

Setting Up Your Restaurant Inventory System

Setting Up Your Restaurant Inventory System.png

Incorporating an efficient F&B management system into your establishment is a strategic move that can significantly improve the overall operations.

Here's a guide, aligned with Mosaic Solutions' approach, to seamlessly apply this innovative solution.

Assess Your Unique Requirements

Assess Your Unique Requirements

Start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your restaurant's specific needs. Identify areas within your operations that could benefit from improvement—whether it's inventory management, order processing, or staff scheduling. This initial evaluation sets the foundation for your restaurant management system selection.

Choose the Ideal System

Choose the Ideal System

Select a management system that perfectly aligns with your identified needs and complements the scale and style of your establishment. Prioritize features such as inventory tracking, sales analysis, and staff management. The system should be intuitively designed to facilitate smooth integration into your existing workflow.

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

Invest in thorough training for your staff to ensure they are proficient in utilizing the ingredient management software effectively. A well-trained team is pivotal in maximizing the advantages of the system and ensuring a seamless transition.

Set Up Your Inventory

Set Up Your Inventory

Initiate the process of setting up your inventory within the system. This involves meticulously inputting all ingredients, supplies, and products utilized in your restaurant. Precise data entry is pivotal to ensure efficient inventory management, a key feature of an advanced management system.

Seamless POS Integration

Seamless POS Integration

Integrate the management system seamlessly with your POS system. This integration enables real-time tracking of sales, providing invaluable insights into the correlation between sales and inventory levels—an essential aspect of an effective restaurant management software.

Continuously Monitor and Analyze

Continuously Monitor and Analyze

Consistently monitor the system's data and harness the insights it provides. Keep a vigilant eye on inventory levels, sales trends, and staff performance. Leveraging the data for analysis will enable you to identify areas ripe for enhancement, a core function of a robust ingredient management software.

Streamlined Procurement Processes

Streamlined Procurement Processes

Leverage the system's capabilities to streamline your procurement processes. Utilize historical data to make well-informed decisions regarding ordering and stock replenishment—a hallmark feature of an efficient F&B management system. Minimize waste by ordering precisely what your restaurant requires.

Optimize Staff Scheduling

Optimize Staff Scheduling

Harness the system's functionalities for staff scheduling, a feature that can be seamlessly integrated into an advanced restaurant management software. Ensure that you have an optimal number of employees during peak hours while managing labor costs effectively.

Elevate the Dining Experience

Elevate the Dining Experience

Use customer data analysis to enhance the overall dining experience. Identify popular menu items and adjust your offerings accordingly. Personalize promotions and offers based on individual customer preferences, a capability offered by a comprehensive ingredient management software.

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Regular Updates and Maintenance

Stay proactive by ensuring your software is always up-to-date with the latest updates and undergoes regular maintenance. Promptly address any technical issues to prevent operational disruptions, a responsibility shared by all leading management systems.

Benefits of a Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management systems offer a wide range of benefits for businesses in the food industry. With Mosaic's comprehensive inventory management solution, businesses can streamline their inventory processes, reduce costs, and make informed decisions to stay ahead in the competitive market. Discover the power of restaurant inventory management and unlock new growth opportunities.

Optimized Inventory Tracking

Cost Control

Approximately 4-10% of the food procured by restaurants is unfortunately discarded before it gets to the consumer table. This wastage often results from restaurants ordering excessive quantities, leading to spoilage due to non-consumption in time. However, by employing effective strategies, these losses can be minimized.

Business Solution Expertise

Accurate Menu Planning

By employing inventory management systems, restaurants can meticulously monitor their food stocks and transactions. This approach facilitates more efficient handling of vendor purchases and payments, proving to be instrumental in the effective administration of their operations.

Custom Inventory Solutions

Simplified Ordering and Receiving

Restaurant inventory management offers valuable insights into a restaurant's supply levels, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the quantity of food available. Moreover, this system establishes streamlined processes that automatically replenish food supplies to optimal levels, minimizing waste and enhancing operational efficiency.

Effective Inventory Management

Enhanced Profitability

Incorporating efficient restaurant inventory management practices maximizes the financial success of a company. It minimizes waste, leading to a reduction in the cost of goods sold. By reducing this cost, businesses can boost their profitability and achieve higher net profits.

Why Should You Choose Mosaic Solutions as Your Restaurant Inventory Management Provider?

Choosing Mosaic Solutions as your restaurant inventory management provider is conducive to improving your restaurant’s operational efficiency and profit. We offer innovative solutions, such as monitoring of food inventory, automated replenishment processes, robust vendor management, and more.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Real-Time Insights

Mosaic Solutions utilizes advanced software and technology to offer real-time insights into our restaurant inventory management. Our system captures and analyzes data from various stages of the inventory process and presents it in real-time dashboards, providing you with up-to-date visibility into inventory levels, sales trends, and potential issues. We’ve also incorporated automated alerts and notifications to keep our users informed about low inventory levels and inconsistencies, facilitating timely decision-making and proactive inventory management.

Team of Industry Experts

Mosaic Solutions stands out with our leadership team composed of seasoned industry insiders, experienced entrepreneurs, and knowledgeable consultants who possess a firsthand understanding of the intricacies and obstacles of operating a business. What unites our diverse group is their shared fervor for enabling business success, which serves as the driving force behind our commitment to helping businesses thrive.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team of knowledgeable and responsive support specialists is readily available to address customer inquiries and provide assistance. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, guiding users through system functionalities, or answering inventory management questions, Mosaic Solutions is committed to delivering timely and effective support to ensure customer satisfaction.