Increase your profit margins

Accurately track the cost of goods sold and identify areas where wastage can be reduced.

Better Manage Your Restaurant’s Inventory and Purchasing

Composite Inventory

Input recipes for each menu item on your POS and auto-deduct inventory as items are sold.


Stay on top of food costs

Monitor theoretical cost of goods sold in real-time based on items sold and the latest price of ingredients.

Composite Inventory - Inventory Management
Inventory - Stop waste<br />

Stop the waste

Compare sales to inventory so you can reduce losses from wastage and identify when recipes are not being followed.


Audit with ease

Make physical stock counts fast and accurate, and compute the value of losses from stock shrinkage.

Real-time reports

Access centralized reporting for food cost, variance and par levels across outlets.


Get Clarity

Know the valuation of your inventory at any given time and identify when you’re overstocked.

Why Mosaic Solutions for your inventory management needs?

No Hidden Costs

Continuous After-sales Support

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Compatible with Other POS Systems

Discover how you can control costs and optimize profit margins!