Know your next move

Use the power of data to make better decisions about growing your business.


Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Restaurant Operations and Profits

Menu Engineering

Optimize menus based on margin analysis by viewing popularity against profitability.


Data-driven Decisions

Use predictive analysis to improve sales forecasting and optimize inventory purchasing.


Monitor your margins

See real-time profit and losses at the outlet level for any time period.

Analytics Dashboard<br />

See Everything in One View

Access reports and customizable dashboards at the brand and outlet level anywhere, anytime.



Eliminate hours of work and human error by creating consolidated reports and dashboards automatically.



Pull data from any source, including POS, purchasing and/or CRM. Export data into any accounting system.

Why Mosaic Solutions for your Restaurant Analytics?

No Hidden Costs

Continuous After-sales Support

Regular Product Enhancements

Compatible with Other POS Systems

Discover how you can better plan for the success of your business!