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Power your entire restaurant with our easy-to-use, cost-effective system. Connect all your outlets and online channels to an integrated multi-channel POS.

Next Level POS for Restaurants and Food Businesses

Multi-Channel Sales

Connect third-party ordering and delivery platforms, including Grab and Foodpanda.


Auto Deduct Inventory

Get up-to-date views of your stock levels in real-time.


Any time, any device

Works even when offline and can be installed on any hardware and with any operating system.

Grab Food Integration - Mosaic Solutions POS with Inventory System
POS Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting

Gain valuable insights into your best selling items at the brand and outlet levels.


Single Source of Truth

Consolidates sales from different locations, channels, and brands into on dashboard.


Identify Opportunities

Easily keep track of item availability, customer order trends, and up-selling opportunities.

Make Changes Remotely

Push menu, pricing discounts, and promotions automatically to all locations.


Fire Up the Kitchen

Reduce waiting time by sending orders straight to the right kitchen station to prepare.


Offer Multiple Payment Options

Accept multiple payment methods and account for them on one system.

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