POS and so much more. A restaurant management system to power your whole business

Accelerate your growth and
anticipate potential roadblocks

Mosaic Solutions - Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards to see all your data.

  • Watch data trends for sales contribution, product mix and transaction types for all your locations
  • Track your data movement and
    get recommendations to address discrepancies
  • Use customizable dashboards to
    see information based on roles and quickly share with others

Monitor key operations in your business

Mosaic Solutions - monitor key operations in your business Mosaic Data Trends

POS powers your entire restaurant with this easy-to-use, cost-effective system

Track inventory movement in real-time to reduce costs and losses

View all purchasing analytics including spend by distributor, category or item

Dig into the details, quickly and easily

Automatically update ingredients cost and usage in real time to give accurate analytics

Easily track inventory inefficiencies

Find information quickly across all pages of the platform

Precision Planning and Forecasting


Inventory optimization to prevent food wastage

Mosaic Solutions - Planning and forecasting
  • Calculated ingredients consumption in real-time to manage costs and avoid stock-outs
  • Automatically calculate COGS-based recipes and sales.

AI-Powered forecasting

AI Forecasting

Get sales target suggestions based on historical data and specific budgets


Automated tracking of actual performance versus budget

Automate purchase orders
to increase profits

  • Make menu changes by viewing the profitability vs
    popularity of your menu items
  • Automated purchase orders to avoid stock-outs
    while conserving cash
Mosaic Solutions - Purchase Order Overview, Data driven

Fingertip Access to Information

POS for all restaurants

  • Reduce upfront costs by using
    any OS and any device
  • Offline mode lets you run your business even when you lose your internet

Quick access to critical reports

Mosaic Solutions - Fingertip Access to Information


Choose from a list of curated report templates


Customize and build reports based on specific basic attribute that are critical to your business


Access from any device at any time

Real-time notifications on brand and
store operations

Classify sales alerts to low/high

Set food cost alerts outside your budget range

Set alerts when inventory stock is low

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations (Currently under development) - Mosaic Solutions

*Currently under development

Integrate directly with delivery apps (Grab & Foodpanda), your branded ordering system, QR code ordering, loyalty & CRM programs and more.

Connect to 3rd party payment platforms to process e-wallet and credit card payments automatically. (coming soon)

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