3 Ways Technology Can Improve Customer Experience

Customers assess varying factors that make up their whole dining experience. According to over 175,000 dining reviews, a top consideration in a restaurant’s ranking is service

You may serve great food and beverages with a stunning ambiance to match, but that’s not enough without commendable service. But continuously providing an exceptional dining experience for your customers is a tall order—and you don’t always know the next step for improvement. 

Luckily, we’ve got your back.

If you want to keep improving your restaurant’s dining experience, consider using technology that aids in providing better service. Let’s look at how technology aids you with top-notch service for 2023.

3 Ways That Technology Improves Customer Experience in 2023

Start the new year on the right foot by making the necessary changes to run your restaurant better. Here are innovative ways technology provides customers with the best experience and optimizes operations.

  1. Enhances Customer Engagement

Technology also proves to be an excellent source of engagement. Through creativity, you can provide customers with an entertaining experience to stimulate all their senses. 

      • Provide creative fictional stories that will help transport your customers into a different world to make their dining experience unforgettable. One good example is Grand Hyatt Manila’s Le Petit Chef dining experience.
      • Explore the option of showing customers how you prepare your food. The Harvard Business Review found that customers perceive food better when they can see its preparation, while chefs perform better when customers watch them.
      • One great example of mitigating irate behavior through interactive games is London’s Inamo restaurant, which provides an interactive dining experience through touchscreen tables that include games. This is one inspiration that restaurants can learn from to provide their customers while they wait for a meal.
  1. Speeds Up Service and Table Turnover

    How can you serve more customers without compromising customer service or rushing them? 

    It’s simple—improve your table turnover rate. 

    From welcoming a customer to clearing their bill, your staff needs to approach turning over a table carefully. On busy days with high guest volumes, there’s no room for mistakes or slow bussing. Unfortunately, hectic days can negatively impact your staff’s performance as they work under pressure—the chances of errors and inefficiency multiplies through the roof when they get overwhelmed.

    Time wasted is money wasted, but time well spent is money well earned.

    With technology like a POS system, staff can better manage each part of the table turnover process. The system can provide data analytics on popular menu items for servers to assist customers in ordering, and show an overview of inventory for servers to quickly respond to customers on available food items.

    Pro tip: Train your servers to spot customers who are finishing their meals, so they can print their bills in advance for faster payment.

    Accommodate customers with quicker and better service, and you’ll turnover tables at lightning speed.

  2. Cuts Down on Errors and Returned Items

The most common human errors in restaurants are receiving and serving the wrong orders and billing incorrectly. In addition, the time used to remedy these errors results in further losses. 

Most of the time, these errors are due to poor communication from the front to the back of the house. For staff members to fulfill their roles, clear communication is crucial.

A point-of-sale (POS) system ensures your customers’ experiences aren’t compromised. Wait staff precisely input a customer’s order and it’s sent directly to the kitchen. With technology that aids in seamless and clear communication among your staff, you minimize human error. 

The right POS system improves the exchange of information between the front and back of the house for efficient and accurate communication to help you provide better customer service that encourages customer loyalty. As a result, you can expect an increase in revenues.

2023: A Technology-Filled Experience for Customers

There’s a whole world of possibilities in combining innovative technologies with food service. 

Not only can you use technology to create novel, entertaining dining experiences for your customers, you can also use it to streamline and automate all the necessary tasks to keep your restaurant running smoothly. From virtual reality to live streaming and interactive games, there’s a new wave of exciting trends that you can explore to help your restaurant stand out from the crowd. 

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