4 Up-and-Coming Restaurants in Quezon City

It’s no secret that many Filipinos love to try out new restaurants. After all, food isn’t just a meal—it’s a part of the culture and traditions. 

One of the most common phrases you hear when you enter a Filipino home is, “Have you eaten yet?” When we share food together we’re also sharing our time and appreciation while filling up your belly, of course. 

But what about restaurants in Quezon City? Which ones are worth your time and—more importantly—make a great place to connect with your loved ones for a nice meal…

Well, if you’re looking for your next gastronomic adventure, consider these up-and-coming restaurants in Quezon City. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best hot spots for food in the Philippines. From juicy burgers to delicious Asian dishes, your new weekend go-to is just around the corner!

1. Delgado 112

Source: Delgado 112

There are dozens of eateries in Tomas Morato; however, very few are as memorable as Delgado 112. This beautiful dining space is tucked away on the quiet street of Scout Delgado. To create this one-of-a-kind restaurant, the team transformed one of the oldest houses in Quezon City into a charming place that you’ll want to come back to over and over again. 

Created by Golda Ranada, their background includes the renowned Le Soufflé and Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant. Their restaurant serves elevated classic dishes like Gambaretti: pasta with buttery shrimp, tomatoes, and feta cheese mixed with parsley cream. There’s also the Coconut-crusted Salmon with Baked Mushroom Risotto, which is described as “intriguing” and “unexpected.” 

And don’t forget dessert! The chef’s specialty is Frozen Brazo de Mercedes, with several layers of pure goodness and a fluffy meringue on top. 

With the homey and intimate atmosphere found at Delgado 112, you’ll never want to leave. Paintings and other fun visual elements, some of which exude a European feel, offset its traditional Filipino interiors.

At Delgado 112, a fantastic meal in a cozy space awaits you. 

Visit Delgado 112 at 112 Scout Delgado Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

2. WYLD Kitchen x Bar

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Source: Wyld Kitchen and Bar

Nothing compares to the Quezon City nightlife but no night-out is complete without a visit to WYLD Kitchen x Bar. 

Established in 2019, WYLD Kitchen x Bar is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kenn Gonzales, who was inspired by the wilderness of Colorado. His dining concept celebrates this landscape with recycled wood serving as tables and chairs, as well as metal pipes lining the walls creating an industrial feel and warmth. 

The menu at WYLD Kitchen x Bar takes typical bar food, like nachos and chicken wings, but elevates them with local flavors. Nearly everything is made in-house, whether it be dips or chips. We promise the all-natural ingredients will leave you hungry for more.

Of course, their cocktails are iconic too. If you’re feeling adventurous, then try Flora x Fauna, a concoction made with gin, grapefruit, and fresh lemon garnished with a fried chichaworm. But if this is too bold, the mouthwatering Camote Tops Iced Tea is delightful and created by experienced bartenders from Palawan.

At WYLD Kitchen + Bar, an unforgettable night with delicious bar food and daring drinks await you. 

Visit WYLD Kitchen + Bar at 2/F The Grandia Place, 143 Mother Ignacia Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City

3. Lime Hut

Cubano sandwich with chips

Source: Lime Hut

In the Jamaican language, the word “lime” means “to hang out” or “to do nothing at all.” At Lime Hut, it also refers to the citrus fruit that features prominently on their menu. 

Launched by the same owners of Pura Vida in Poblacion, Lime Hut puts a contemporary Filipino twist on traditional dishes from the Caribbean. You can’t go wrong with their fried plantains and preserved vegetables paired with Lechon Asado, marinated roasted pork with super crispy skin. Another great dish is the Pimento-Ginger-glazed chicken, served on top of pumpkin rice. 

And make sure you try the Totopo Mixtos too, a dish with sweet potatoes, taro, and tortilla chips used to scoop up the tender chorizo meat. Eating this without making a mess is fairly impossible but its unique flavor is well worth it. 

With huge portions and affordable prices, Lime Hut is a great option if you’re on a tight budget. Their rice bowls only cost between PHP220 and PHP350, while their cocktails don’t go above PHP170. 

At Lime Hut, you get tons of tasty Caribbean dishes that won’t break the bank.

Visit Lime Hut at The Pop Up Katipunan, 273 Xavierville Avenue, cor. Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

4. POPS Beyond Better Burgers

Pops Beyond Better Burgers

Source: POPS Beyond Better Burgers

Craving for non-greasy yet still delicious American food? Look no further than POPS Beyond Better Burgers, one of the most underrated restaurants in Quezon City. 

The walls of this family-friendly diner are covered in posters that feature pop-culture references, from eccentric Wes Anderson films to classic John Hughes westerns. There’s also a community board where customers can put up anything they want to share, whether it be artwork or a photo with friends. 

Simplicity, consistency, and high-quality ingredients are key at POPS Beyond Better Burgers, whose owners insist on being called tito and tita. Their bestselling Moo Melt features 100% Angus beef and homemade brioche buns, while their Wicked Fried Chicken is served with hickory, smoky barbecue sauce. 

Of course, the best thing to pair with these dishes is milkshakes. At POPS Beyond Better Burgers, you have a choice between three variants—Whopper’s Malt, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Not only are they all deliciously creamy and thick but at PHP99 each, they’re a great deal.

Besides its incredible menu, POPS Beyond Better Burgers is also known for its focus on sustainability. Nearly everything in the restaurant is environmentally-friendly and responsibly sourced, including steel tables and wooden chairs. 

We love POPS Beyond Better Burgers for its great food and chill atmosphere.

Visit POPS Beyond Better Burgers at G/F Petron Gas Station, 355 Katpunan Ave., Quezon City

Find Your Next Gastronomic Adventure in Quezon City

Quezon City is a go-to spot for Filipino foodies but with hundreds of great restaurants there, choosing where to eat can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a gastronomic adventure and a great time with your loved ones, then these four should definitely be on your list! 

Let us know which one is your favorite on our Facebook and Instagram! And if we missed one, drop us a line and maybe it’ll make our next list. 

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