Let’s promote Random Acts of Generosity this season.


Let’s go #RAOG!


Can you quantify kindness? Generosity?

Of course not. It’s one of those intangible, non-negotiable values that we like to use as a punchline. 

But what if you can quantify kindness? For instance, at Mosaic, we have recorded a total of 11 Million transactions from all our customers. If even just 10% of these transactions were duplicated to perform Random Acts of Generosity, we would be recording 1.1 Million instances of kindness! Doesn’t that just make your day?

Join the #RAOG movement! Share your Random Acts of Generosity

Dining out? Make a random stranger’s day by buying his or her next meal today. 

Let’s spread kindness and good vibes this season, because it’s the positivity we like.

How do you go #RAOG?

👍 Would you like to buy a #RAOG item (maybe a small cookie) for the 3rd customer behind them?


👍 Surprise that person you always see on the elevator with a little treat today.

👍 Is there someone in the restaurant who looks like they could use a positive surprise?


👍 Pass the kuya/ate that opens the door for you everyday a little something to say thank you.

👍 Do you want to bring something to the receptionist at your office, or the person that sits across the aisle from them.


👍 Get a healthy snack for the kids outside that are less fortunate.

Who is supporting #RAOG?


We will add restaurants here as they join our movement

Noki - Japanese Fried Chicken
Noki - Japanese Fried Chicken
Throttle Coffee

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Are you a restaurant who wants to join our campaign?