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About Us

Mosaic is a leading provider of profit optimisation solutions— data analytics, inventory management, point of sale and purchasing — offered primarily to the food and beverage sector across SE Asia. This includes multi-unit restaurant groups, cloud kitchens, hotels, and now retailers, as well. Mosaic’s cloud-based solutions work together seamlessly, as well as with complementary products, enabling a fully integrated restaurant management solution.  Additionally, Mosaic’s analytics solution now is used across retail operations as a way for landlords to monitor tenant and overall shopping centre performance more closely.

Currently, Mosaic services over 75 customers, representing approximately 1,000 locations across the Philippines, including some of the best known brands in the industry.

OUR Values

Meet Mosaic Solutions.  Our values and our people are like mosaic pieces; each are unique but fit together perfectly to make us who we are.

Community Advocacy

Portraits of childrenFeeding Program

In 2020, Mosaic has taken on a few initiatives to support our local community, as well as our community of hospitality partners.

In April,  Mosaic Solutions launched the #FeedManila initiative to help feed the underfed population while also keeping local restaurant workers employed. With the help of donations, Mosaic is paying restaurants to create healthy, cost-effective meals, which are then collected and distributed via local charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Since the initiative started in mid-April, #FeedManila has served thousands of meals across the city.

In addition to #FeedManila, Mosaic has also set up Dine To Unite, a directory that provides a one-stop-shop for customers to find out which local restaurants are still running – such as by offering takeaway or delivery services or running promotions. This directory creates a direct connection between restaurants and customers, which can mean improved margins for the restaurants.  Mosaic hopes to see Manila restaurants not just survive, but thrive in this COVID pandemic.


BrEtt Doyle
Founder + CEO
Steven Coleman
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Dimarucot
VP, Product Development
Director of HR + People
Director of Onboarding
Director of Marketing
Regional Quality Manager
Martin Warren
Director of Client Relations

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