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Day-to-day F&B management is a constant opportunity to streamline and optimise.  Operators are presented with challenges based on dozens of moving factors.  Using Mosaics products will help you get a handle on which cash flow levers to pull to improve the bottom line.  

You may need to analyse what changes you can make to your menus, your supply chain, your staff and your operations.  Or it may be time to reduce your inventory waste or over-spending on over-stocking.  Maybe your whole business model has changed as sales have shifted from dine-in to takeaway and delivery.  

It’s all happening now and you need the accurate information to make informed decisions in real-time.  That’s where Mosaic Solutions come in.  

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You need all the information right at your fingertips.

Our reports offer a combination of high-level insights andin-depth analysis at the outlet level. This provides a comprehensive and real-time view of your key cost and revenue drivers that help you make data-driven decisions to optimize profitability.

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You have the details but now what?

Our solution features an analytics dashboard with insights that help you confidently take action and make necessary changes to streamline operations. You will have remote access to sales trends, direct costs and inventory levels all in one place. You can engineer and optimise menus based on margin analysis.  You can create smarter targets using predictive analytics.  You can monitor performance versus targets at the outlet and brand level.

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Believe in products that were built for you.

Our solutions are built specifically for today’s hospitality market by people who have real-life industry experience, this means our products are built to provide clarity and solve our clients’ challenges simply. Because we understand the needs of our clients, these cloud-based solutions allow remote monitoring of multiple units anytime and anywhere.  And you do not need to be a data geek to get simple but effective insights.

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Your customers are hungry now.  Southeast Asia total F&B industry spending will grow to USD 125 billion by 2023. Let’s make sure you are there to serve the people.

Pick and Choose

Our solutions are different functional and independent modules.  You can choose to run only what you need, or run the full Mosaic system and reap the benefits of using a completely integrated solution.

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